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Russian for Foreigners

We provide “Russian for Foreigners” course in Megapolis for those who wish to study Russian as a foreign language for work and for business, for everyday life and for communication, for job or just for pleasure.

Our teachers are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in teaching Russian for foreigners. Some of them are the authors of text-books and teaching materials. And their original methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language are used for our Russian language course. They will help and guide the student in Russian studies so that he or she can advance at the fastest possible pace.

Our Russian language courses are organized on Starter, Elementary and other further levels. Our teachers use textbooks admitted by educational standards and their original methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language as well.

Our main method of teaching is communicative-active approach. We pay great attention to forming linguistic skills: oral and written speech, reading and speech perception.
Course “Russian for Foreigners” includes such aspects as phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, writing, oral practice and listening. We use Russkiy dlya nachinaustchih by U.G. Ovsienko as the main course book. This book is divided into two parts, each of them takes into account the complexity of grammatical and lexical materials for Starter and Elementary levels.
Introductory training course of the Russian language mainly concentrates on articulation and accent and also practicing simple grammatical constructions.
We also use such books as Doroga v Rossiuy by V.E. Antonova, M.M. Nahabina.
If our students want to study Business English, they have great opportunity to do this. These courses are organized by the author of the textbook Business correspondence T. N. Bazvanova

Courses taught:

Elementary Russian Grammar-based classes combined with extensive practice in speaking, listening, reading and writing to help students to rapidly improve their ability to communicate in Russian (Books: Nachalo, Poekhali, Russki eto prosto and Zhili-Byli).

Pre-Intermediate Russian This course emphasizes spoken communication skills and the practice of everyday Russian, words and phrases used in everyday life, accompanied by a few necessary grammar rules. The course emphasizes communicative skills. (Books: Russki Express and Survival Russian).

Intermediate RussianDesigned course activities and homework assignments, presented grammar, created exams (Books: Russki Express II, V puti, Okno v Russiju)

Advanced Russian Designed course includes many topics; more attention is paid to speaking practice, listening, Russian literature, and Russian culture. (Book: Davaite govorit po russki, Okno v Rossiju).

Advanced Russian. The course «Russia and The Russians” (in Russian). Designed course materials and lectures include topics and texts about Russians and Russian culture, video materials, compositions (Books: Rossia: strana I liudi, Vashe mnenie)

Russian for Business Communication. Specially designed for people who wish to use Russian in their work (Author's materials from the dissertation research). Includes such subjects as business etiquette, business communication (correspondence and documents) etc.; as well as vocabulary on business fields required by the learner.

Russian literature (Nineteenth-century). Course of masterpieces of Russian literature including: Pushkin, Lermontov, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy; writing lectures, creation of assignments, compositions, and tests.

Courses “Russian for Foreigners” in Megapolis - the most effective way to speak such difficult but very beautiful language.



Учебный год 2013-2014

Курсы МЕГАПОЛИС приостанавливают процесс обучения на весь учебный год.

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